Forward Observer Podcast Episode #001 – Source Recruitment & Operations Security

Welcome to the very first FO Podcast.   It’s been a long time coming!  Thank you for listening in, we appreciate your support, and we hope to provide you with interesting and informative content that will improve your preparations.


Please let us know how we can improve our podcast!


Be sure to join us next Tuesday (9/3) for the second episode of the Forward Observer Podcast.  We’ll have James Wesley Rawles of Survival Blog and the popular Patriots series of novels on the show.  It’s an episode you won’t want to miss!

Show Notes:

Radio Free Redoubt – How Mossad Recruits Palestinian Sources

Declassified CIA Report on Economic Espionage/American Personality Traits (PDF)


Weigand Combat Handguns


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Great job Sam! I enjoyed the show, even if it was short. Maybe more news analysis?

OK, here is a list of things that I personally would love to hear more about, in detail.

1. Gorilla Mountain Warfare Tactics
2. Secure Communications Methods For Small Units
3. Retreat Physical Security
4. Top Combat Tactics That We Should Focus On
5. EMP Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures
6. Combat Medicine and a list of basic and comprehensive kits

I could probably think of more. A lot of preppers and patriots are lost, there is just so much information to digest.

I couldn’t find you on iTunes? Can post a link?


Hi Sam,
I enjoyed listening to your 1st podcast and congratulate you on a job well done. Keep up the good work.

PLEASE make a way for us to download the podcast to our computer so we can move it to an mp3 player or other device for listening in the car, on the go, etc. I hate podcasters that require one to be glued to their computer and their Internet connection to listen to something. Let me download it and take it with me, please. I-tunes is only a so-so format for this. Let us download it directly from your site — works better, much better. And, I can’t find it on I-tunes anyway. Other than that, thanks for doing this.

    Just for you, Weston. Our podcasts will be available for download today. There’ll be a download link on each Podcast show page. Thank you for the feedback! Please let us know other ways that we can improve the show.

Great first podcast! I know they will only get better and better.

Fantastic broadcast! You have a great voice for radio, very natural, compelling, and summoning. I’m very impressed and will support you in every way I can.

Congratulations on your first podcast. I’m having trouble listening to it on my droid. I agree with Weston about having an mp3 download available for offline listening. I personally like how radio Free redoubt does theirs on Podbean.
Thanks for doing everything you do to help us out.

    Thank you for listening. I’m trying to get the iPhone/droid apps set up so everyone can listen to us via mobile. I agree with you that we should make our podcasts downloadable and I’m working towards a timely solution for that. Thank you, again!

Starting out and gleaning everything I can… thank you. You are on my resource list.
I am disabled Vietnam veteran 60 years old grandma.
I know I need to do the work for my grandhildren

Been looking forward to this for along time. It’s great to finally see the end result! I think this will turn into something special.

Sam, great show.Excellent thoughts.
Good habits don’t suffer from being practiced regardless.
Just recently subscribed to the magazine.Can’t wait for more.
Good luck,chris

I figured out how to download it. I just needed to pay attention.

Can you do a podcast on warnings and indicators for false flag operations?

    I think we could do a mailbag and answer some of these questions. Yes, I can talk about false flag operations, but they’re very difficult to discover unless you have lots of data. I’ll tackle it in a future episode. Thank you for the question!


I truly look forward to hearing more in the near future. Can’t wait until next weeks show.

Great Job!!! Thanks for all the info. I have been listening to Radio Free Redoubt for the last year now and I am glad that I found you folks from them. What can you tells us about disinformation? Is the Gov. putting out much of this to us ?

    Hey Ron – Thank you for listening! We’re glad to run this podcast and glad to be associated with Radio Free Redoubt. We can talk about disinformation versus misinformation, and how to tell the difference. Thank you for the questions! We’ll put them into a future podcast!

Greetings from the Redoubt!..Excellent Samuel!… Looking forward to the JWR interview.. Just one note tho, Please allow him to speak!.. so many interviews with him end up one sided with the host rambling on and Jim not being able to get a word in edgewise.

I look forward to many podcast downloads from you in the future.Great work man!… Many of us construction contractors have small MP3 Players loaded with podcasts that we listen too while we are at work, so an hr or better would be great!..

    Hey Lar – I’m right there with you on the hosts rambling without letting their guests speak! That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, too. I’d say JWR speaks 80-90% of this interview, so plenty of content from him. Thank you for listening, for the support and for the compliments! We’ll work on some more hour-long podcasts!

Good start Sam. The more info we can learn / share the better off everyone will be.
“I’ll be back” .

Starting at Podcast #1 as a new subscriber. Looking forward to all the in depth information.

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