FO Podcast Episode 029 – The Ferguson Effect & Gang Activity

In this week’s podcast, I talk about the Ferguson Effect, the reason some give to explain the spike in homicides in St. Louis and Baltimore.

I also encourage every listener to investigate some

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How OPSEC Helped Catch the World’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin


Out of all the Mexican drug cartels in operation, the Sinaloa Cartel stands alone in both size and scope. Where other cartels like the Gulf, Juarez, and Los Zetas present only

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OPINION: Why We’re Losing the War on Terror and How We Can Win


Is the United States Losing the War on Terror?

I think so. For some background, below is a brief synopsis of two strategies developed by the United States to combat/counter terrorism.

<a href="…/cia-th…/Counter_Terrorism_Strategy.pdf

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FO Podcast Episode 028 – Weaponizing Culture


In this week’s podcast, we look at “field-driven” terrorism; how individuals acting on their own create spontaneous, unorganized and leaderless terrorism.  In other words, how individuals

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