FO Newsletter – 01 September 2016


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‘Pre-Search’ Is Coming to US Policing


When it comes to constitutional criminal procedure, privacy, and the Fourth Amendment, it’s time to get ready for the concept of “pre-search.” Like the PreCrime police unit in the

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Bracken: A Scenario for the Second Civil War


MATTHEW BRACKEN is a former Navy SEAL (BUD/S Class 105), a Constitutionalist, and a self-described “freedomista”.  He’s the author of several books, including Enemies

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Swing States Don’t Want DHS to Protect Its Voting Machines


Some key swing states have declined an offer from the Homeland Security Department to scan voting systems for hackers ahead of the presidential elections.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson during

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Deportation of Illegal Immigrants at Nine-Year Low


Deportation of undocumented immigrants is at a nine-year low nationally, and the numbers are not expected to return to the historic highs seen in President Barack Obama’s first term unless November

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FBI Bulletin: Foreign Hackers Recently Broke into State Election Systems


Hackers based outside the United States have broken into two state election databases in recent weeks, according to the FBI’s Cyber Division.

“[S]ources familiar with the document&#8221

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SHTF Intelligence: Getting Started – Part Three


This is the third article in a series about using intelligence for preparedness.  I’m starting from square zero in order to introduce a new crop of Americans to the concept of using intelligence

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26 AUG 16 – Executive Intelligence Summary 🔒



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US Army Fears Major War Within Five Years


What’s focusing the minds of U.S. Army leaders right now is the fear that they will be in a major war within five years. They know they’ll be fighting terrorists and insurgents for the foreseeable

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