12 AUG 16 – Executive Intelligence Summary 🔒



In this EXSUM…

  • DHS’ new Orwellian program
  • Ukraine puts military forces on combat alert
  • The future of Black Lives Matter after Obama
  • “Emergency” meeting with Trump, GOP
  • The Fed has reached zero hour
  • And more…


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Any president that is “particularly effective at solving this nation’s problems” is a king/tyrant/despot. A good president of a Republic is politically a eunuch.

About Trump stepping down. Good point. An article titled ‘Pence for President’ by Peter FitzSimons states just that and upsells Mike Pence as a pragmatist.

And a lack of Pokemon activity in areas within the Pentagon would also identify the sensitive areas. I guess some Intel guy figured out that Pokemon could be a threat. Who would have thunk it?

Cool Ukraine map, I must say. Intel education is at least teaching me an increased appreciation of (good) maps. What’s that about a picture painting a thousand words?

It’s the unforseen/unforseeable spark that will set World War III ablaze, I’m sad to say.

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