Nathanael Greene: The American Revolution’s Unconventional Mastermind

Arriving at the ramshackle camp of the Continental Army at Charlotte, North Carolina, on Dec. 2, 1781 to take up the reins of command, Major General Nathanael Greene wrote to his commander and confidante

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China Warns US to Stay Away from South China Sea

American military vessels and aircraft carried out more than 700 patrols in the South China Sea region during 2015, making China the U.S.’s No. 1 surveillance target, according to a report by China’s

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29 NOV 16 – Gang, Cartels, & Transnational Threat Report

bp_fema_regions_mapADMIN NOTE: For the DRAFT version of the Gang, Cartel, & Transnational Threat Report, we’ll be using the FEMA regions for organizational purposes.  Subscriber feedback is requested

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[DISPATCH] Conflict Trends in the South China Sea


According to Congressional testimony, the United States has vital interests in the protection of Taiwan, international law, security of US allies, freedom of navigation, and an estimated

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25 NOV 16 – Executive Intelligence Summary


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DISPATCH: The Scope, Reach, and Future of MS-13

With our national attention absorbed by the War on Terror or the ongoing high drama of the Mexican Drug Cartels, it can be easy to forget about other transnational criminal elements operating around

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18 NOV 16 – Executive Intelligence Summary


In this EXSUM… (3755 words)

  • Russia & China SITREPs
  • Leftist insurgency: evidence of 7 out of 20 indicators
  • Michigan utility pays $25k to ransomware hackers
  • Chinese tech poses security, privacy threats to US consumers
  • BAH: Cyber intrusions against ICS steadily increasing
  • Outgoing Obama warns of the potential for WW3, US civil war
  • Soros & Co plot future of political resistance
  • DHS likely to grow as government shrinks under Trump
  • And more…


Bottom Line Up Front:  As expected

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REVIEW: Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World
Stanley McChrystal, Collins, Silverman, Fussell
304 pages
Portfolio Publishers, 2015

I’m writing this review after reading <a

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Winter Is Coming: Sociology & the Next Great War

Best known for coining the nickname for the “millennial” generation, their [Strauss and Howe’s] work [The Fourth Turning] identified a

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Why a Social Earthquake Might Be Unavoidable in the United States

After the 2016 presidential campaigns, this healing process might not happen and, depending on the policies of the new leadership and the attitudes of the American people, the initially superficial

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