29 NOV 16 – Gang, Cartels, & Transnational Threat Report


bp_fema_regions_mapADMIN NOTE: For the DRAFT version of the Gang, Cartel, & Transnational Threat Report, we’ll be using the FEMA regions for organizational purposes.  Subscriber feedback is requested in order to help us determine whether or not we should continue this report.

In this Report…

  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • Ohio
  • California
  • And more…


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Looks and sounds good. Makes sense…….

Thank you Sam! I will be watching for future reports!

Before I even read the report….by all means please keep and develop the gangs report.
I’m very interested in everything, movement, activities, etc. etc.
There’s been fresh activity here. New gang script on at least one business that I saw and a shoot out the sheriff deputies a few days ago.

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