US Critical Infrastructure in Six Maps (New GEOINT Resource)

Bridges, including bridges in need of repair (in red)

The critical infrastructure of the US is massive.  Here are six maps sourced through OpenStreetMap that show the array of six sectors of critical infrastructure.  When we talking about defending against physical and cyber threats to these sites, you can see just how impossible a task it is.

(Click each photo to enlarge.)



Electric power lines



Bridges, including bridges in need of repair (in red)

Bridges, including bridges in need of repair (in red)



Ports and waterways




Airports & Air Travel











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Are there ones for other countries or just U.S. infrastructure ?

Open Street Map is world-wide. Collection is dependant on public contributions, so data density varies not only by country, but by the energy of the contributors at all scales.

    Yes I also finally arrived at Open Street Map. But how do we find the maps shown in this article? – pipelines, railways, bridges, etc.? They don’t appear to come from Open Street Map.

      OSM packs everything together. To get maps like this you have to extract what you want and symbolize it appropriately. Not sure where the OP got them from, or if he extracted them himself. It’s not too difficult if you’re used to working with geospatial data.

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