US Military Botches Online Fight Against Islamic State, Report Says


On any given day at MacDill Air Force Base, web crawlers scour social media for potential recruits to the Islamic State group. Then, in a high-stakes operation to counter the extremists’ propaganda

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Former Delta Commander: ‘If In Charge, Take Charge’

Soldiers from Company H (Hawk Co.), 3rd Squadron, 2nd Striker Cavalry Regiment, dismount from a their vehicle and prepare to raid a series of compounds Nov. 22, in the Maywand District, Afghanistan

Lt. Col. (Retired) Jim Reese is a 25-year veteran, and former troop commander and squadron operations officer at US Army’s Delta Force.  This is a must-read interview…

What are

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Here’s What the Executive Order on Refugees Actually Says


Over last weekend and this week, the media made an absolute mess of the Trump administration’s temporary ban on travel for persons from seven specific countries.  Social media quickly began to

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27 JAN 17 – Executive Intelligence Summary


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FO Podcast Episode 054 – Digital Security with Combat Studies Group


On this week’s podcast, K from Combat Studies Group drops in to talk about digital security and his GroundRod Primer Course.

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China Deploys ICBMs, Likely Aimed at US Targets


On Tuesday, the Global Times reported that the Chinese military has deployed a Dongfeng-41 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system, which is capable of targeting the US mainland.

Some media

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Battle Track the Inauguration – After Action Review


The Inauguration of President Donald Trump came and went with considerable pomp and fanfare.  (And all the predictions that I warned against of a catastrophic, history-changing event didn’t come

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