FO Podcast Episode 062 – #BattleOfAuburn: Alt-Right vs Antifa

[NSFW – Not Safe for Work] Contains some explicit language.


In this week’s podcast, I talk about the Battle of Auburn, and the showdown between Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right versus Atlanta Antifa Black Bloc.

Don’t miss my talk on HUMINT at the 31:00 mark.  Listen to it all, but tl;dr  — 31 minutes in.



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Great show, as always. When do you think you’ll have John Mosby on again? I have learned a lot of useful information from listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work!

First time listener. Very good insights. I’m glad someone does intel work for our side. Hunter Wallace is also good at scouting the enemy. You don’t need to be neo-nazi or pro-nazi to be Alt-right. Most of the people I know who are Alt-right aren’t. I certainly am not. But I am a white nationalist, in that I think whites should have their own communities. I believe in voluntary segregation, and that this country should be majority white. You sound like some types of paleo-conservatives I’ve known. (I used to be one, myself.) Thanks for your work. It’s appreciated!

Good show as always.speaking of Intel gathering have you seen or heard of the suidlanders of south africa.They have because of Thier situation developed a prep and Evac system that is to be envied .

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