A Primer on Tactical Intelligence Collection


Tornadoes, flooding, and wildfires are just three examples of localized and very personal emergency events that we saw last year, and they illustrate the devastation by an event for which there is immediate

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Hurricane Matthew: How To Get Flood Plain Maps


It’s a matter of days before Hurricane Matthew hits the Carolinas, so I want to point everyone in the direction where they can get some flood plain and hydrological maps and data.  (You can track

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SHTF Intelligence: Getting Started (Part One)


This is the first article in a series about using intelligence for preparedness.  I’m starting from square zero in order to introduce a new crop of Americans to the concept of using intelligence

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FO Podcast Episode 009 – Operation Urban Charger & John Jacob Schmidt

In this week’s podcast, we speak with John Jacob Schmidt (Radio Free Redoubt & AmRRON) about Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) collection to improve situational awareness and security.


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