Che Guevarra’s Critical Counterintelligence Failures


Where it concerns guerrilla warfare campaigns, Che Guevara’s foco theory states that a small contingent of guerrillas can start a revolution and then build popular support once operations

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How Can We Judge the Probability of Successful Revolutions?


Brigadier General Samuel Griffith, USMC (Ret.) wrote in-depth about his study of partisan resistance and guerrilla movements.  One of the things that I find particularly interesting is how he qualified

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Alpine Advantage: Unconventional Warfare in Mountainous Terrain


This article first appeared Forward Observer Magazine’s Spring 2014 issue.

From the historical perspective, successful guerrilla warfare operations by irregular forces have usually been conducted

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1941: Chetnik Guerrilla Resistance


The Yugolsav Chetnik flag reads, “With Faith in God; Liberty or Death”.  Although the Chetnik guerrilla fighters were active before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, this article

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