How Indonesia’s Elite Police Turned the Tide on Islamic Militants


Since its formation in 2002, the [police] unit has put a premium on clandestine intelligence gathering. Now much of that intelligence work is done online

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Winter Is Coming: Sociology & the Next Great War


Best known for coining the nickname for the “millennial” generation, their [Strauss and Howe’s] work [The Fourth Turning] identified a

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How Can We Judge the Probability of Successful Revolutions?


Brigadier General Samuel Griffith, USMC (Ret.) wrote in-depth about his study of partisan resistance and guerrilla movements.  One of the things that I find particularly interesting is how he qualified

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A How-To Guide to Counterinsurgency — By A Former Insurgent


You can’t “shock and awe” someone who is not afraid to die, but on the contrary desires to do so on the battlefield. Never underestimate the resilience of your opponent…

Unconventional wars

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Going for the Brain: Why al-Qaida Attacks Yemeni Intelligence Buildings & Personnel


(Admin note: This article was first published in October 2015.  While the attack information is dated, the trends and lessons learned are not.)

I haven’t been keeping up with the four-sided war

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Essential Elements of Community Security


A report produced last month for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) examines the rampant criminality across Latin America and determines some best practices for implementing community

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Community Security: How Will You Provide Stability?


In any community, there are stabilizing factors and destabilizing factors — it doesn’t matter if the it’s the Global Community or the Shady Acres subdivision.  And these destabilizing

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Implications in a Domestic Insurgency

A US Army (USA) Soldier assigned to the 1st Infantry Division, mans a .50 caliber M2HB machine gun mounted atop a High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), during a patrol along Logistics Support Area (LSA) Anaconda, near Balad Air Base (AB), Iraq. The area is being cleared of threats so Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) personnel can call in an air strike. The image is silhouetted against the setting sun.

Here are a number of points to consider in the event that an insurgent conflict breaks in in America.

1.  Whenever we talk about conflict, we have to consider the implications on both sides of collateral

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