A Full List of US Government Documents Published Regarding Russian Hacking


The details of the alleged hacks of email accounts are murky, even after the US Government provided their argument.  Here’s a list of every document published by the US Government regarding the

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Former National Security Official Says Big Cyber Attack is ‘Inevitable’


The man once responsible for leading the president-elect’s national security transition team warned this week that a “significant” cyber-event will occur during Donald Trump’s administration

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Cybersecurity & Critical Infrastructure Pose Greatest Challenges for Trump’s DHS


Speaking at a conference this week, the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security warned that the Trump’s administration greatest challenges would be cybersecurity

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[DISPATCH] Trends in Space Threats to National Security


DISPATCH: Trends in Space Threats to National Security

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29 NOV 16 – Gang, Cartels, & Transnational Threat Report


bp_fema_regions_mapADMIN NOTE: For the DRAFT version of the Gang, Cartel, & Transnational Threat Report, we’ll be using the FEMA regions for organizational purposes.  Subscriber feedback is requested

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DISPATCH: The Scope, Reach, and Future of MS-13


With our national attention absorbed by the War on Terror or the ongoing high drama of the Mexican Drug Cartels, it can be easy to forget about other transnational criminal elements operating around

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A Brief History and Future of Mexican Cartel Activities


It cannot have escaped the attention of any North American reader that the United States and Mexico have spent quite a few years struggling to contain and secure a transnational conflict on their shared

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Bolt Cutters Expose Vulnerability of North America’s Oil Pipeline Grid


All it took was a pair of bolt cutters and the elbow grease of a few climate activists to carry out an audacious act of sabotage on North America’s massive oil and gas pipeline system.

For an industry

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New DHS ‘Movie’ Explains the Risks of Cyber Attacks (Must See)


If you’ve ever wondered how government employees enable cyber attacks against the US Government, then look no further…

The Department of Homeland Security recently posted a short movie that

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