Battle Track the Inauguration

Armed Forces Inaugural Ball National Building Museum, Washington DC
Inaugural Ball Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC
Limo Still On Fire 38.90247723097831, -77.03091841940477

1645: Limo set on fire earlier this morning, still ablaze hours later...

Officer Down, Unresponsive 38.90261916981795, -77.03456622366502

1640: Officer reported down, currently unresponsive. No further information currently.

Rioters Throwing Bricks at Police 38.90247723097831, -77.0307360298466

1635: 14th & K

National Guard Lining Along 17th 38.89653488789515, -77.03960859915242

1545: National Guard spotted, lining 17th St in preparation for POTUS arrival.

National Guard Deployed 38.90251327271171, -77.03188383587985

1545:  National Guard platoon wearing ACUs and Multicam uniforms, 72-hr assault packs, all with pro masks. 1x Humvee

National Guard Staging 38.8983430683571, -77.05023032496683

1520: National Guard staging at 23rd and G St

1400: Police Form Skirmish Lines, Flashbangs Deployed 38.90131652246146, -77.02965223928913

Police form skirmish lines and deploy flashbangs to disperse protestors.

8-10 flashbangs deployed.

1332: Park Police to Engage Protestors 38.88005554339178, -77.00034105786472

S Park Police staging to engage protestors on I-395 between 3rd and 7th SE.  Traffic has limited police car mobility and deployment. 

1330: 200+ Protestors 38.887521828003585, -77.02192747601657

1330: 200+ Protestors at Independence & 7th St SW

3rd St Tunnel Blocked 38.88053940012349, -77.00207912930637

1329:  US Park Police reports 3rd St SE tunnel (under 395/695)is blocked.

1310: 600 Protestors at McPherson Square 38.901309703848185, -77.03406196902506

1310: 600 Protestors at McPherson Square

1301: Protestors on I395 & 6th 38.88274427570104, -77.01993191250949

US Park Police reporting large crowds on 395 and 6th street with no signs of Police near by.

US Park Police now report that 395 Eastbound is now clear.  Westbound is still blocked.

Protestors Clash 38.89731881413483, -77.03190547297709

1251: Competing groups clash

Blue Gate shut down 38.89211144997248, -77.01218569287448

1136: Blue Gate entrance to Inaugural area shut down by protestors

Starbucks Vandalized 1225 I Street, Washington DC

1207: Starbucks vandalized at 1225 I St NW-DC.

Violence at Franklin Square 38.90251327245691, -77.02967369696125
  • 1127: Park PD warning officers to beware they are setting fires to trash, damaging cars and have crowbars.
    1137: EMS still blocked at this intersection due to rioters
    1144: Numerous arrests made at 12th and L
    1630: National Guard deployed, blocking street from protestors (see image)
Large number of protestors 38.904216518940316, -77.02192747732624

1126: Large number of protestors

Road closure due to protestors 38.90371556833383, -77.02963078161702

1125: Road closure due to protestors

1300: Mass Arrests 38.90373685895941, -77.02808600668504

Area around 12th & L

1052: Periscope channel showing windows being smashed and pepper spray being deployed.  Protestors planning on charging the police line.

1300: Mass arrests

1420: Tear gas deployed by police in skirmish lines against of 1,000+ protestors

1430: Protestors now building a bonfire in a nearby road

200 protestors Washington Post

1032: 200 Protestors on K Street.

Red Gate 38.89216489355374, -77.01524341115146

Reports that Red Gate is shut down due to protestors.  0813E

Festival of Resistance 38.896951415013895, -77.0064834952791

Festival of Resistance/March start

Rally @1000, March @1200

  • 1219: 750-1000 protesters blocking AmTrak at Union Station
Economic Justice Blockade 38.89476660327875, -77.0072286130744

Economic Justice Blockade


Labor Justice Blockade 38.89478692237413, -77.01217496403842

Labor Justice Blockade


Climate Justice Blockade 38.894788731664235, -77.01519531015947

Climate Justice Blockade

080018JAN - 200021JAN


Movement for Black Lives Blockade 38.89358447531415, -77.01756083974033

Movement for Black Lives Blockade


SURJ Blockade 38.89431930649212, -77.02028596409946

SURJ Blockade


Trade Justice Blockade 38.894780381407834, -77.02191156153276

Trade Justice Blockade


Future is Feminist Blockade 38.894369408341056, -77.02599370488315

Future is Feminist Blockade

Fri 0700-1200

1041:  Future Feminist Blockade making it “difficult” for inauguration observers to get into the observation area.  10th St NW& Penn Ave

Communities Under Attack (Muslim/Latino) Blockade 38.89493360825254, -77.02812838571845

Communities Under Attack (Muslim/Latino) Blockade

Fri 0615-0900

Qockblockade Brigade (LGBTQ) 38.89502880111573, -77.02817130106268

Qockblockade Brigade (LGBTQ)

Fri 0600-1000

Witness Against Torture Blockade 38.89550253581998, -77.03198039671406

Witness Against Torture Blockade

Fri 0600-1800






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Listen to “Forward Observer: Battle Track the Inauguration Intel Brief – 1345” on Spreaker.

Starting on Thursday and running indefinitely through the weekend, Samuel Culper and volunteers will be meeting in Austin, TX to battle track the protests/riots during the Inauguration ceremony.

‘Battle Tracking’ is an important skill that allows us to map events in real-time so that we understand the local security picture.  We use this map data and other developed intelligence to make better decisions about our security, and we also use this intelligence to drive operations.  Without knowing how to implement these intelligence gathering concepts, you are at a severe disadvantage.

Picking up where we left off with the Ferguson riots and the 2016 GOP Convention protests, Forward Observer will again drive a real-time, real-world exercise so that students can get a better understanding of intelligence gathering and analysis.  These are skills that we’re going to need to increase our survivability and to drive operations, and there’s no better opportunity to learn than with potential riots on the horizon in DC.

– Local volunteers are more than welcome to join the local ACE in Austin.  Email rome (at) readfomag dot com for additional information.

– If you’d like to join the effort online, we’d appreciate the support.  You’ll need to register for a free Unseen account (, and then request contact with Forward Observer.  From there, you’ll be dropped into the Inauguration ACE chat room and then be assigned a team/tasking.

You can also follow along at where we’ll be posting updates.

If you want to support what we at Forward Observer are doing, then you can subscribe to our weekly intelligence summaries ( and attend a future intelligence training course, which are listed below.

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