The Forward Observer Library is a massive collection of manuals, intelligence reports, white papers and other documents and it’s available to subscribers.

Our library is a collection of manuals and documents curated for our subscribers.  If you’re not a subscriber, we’d love to have you join.  Here’s a peek at some of the documents available for download right now:

  • Introduction to the Intelligence Analyst (1MB)
  • FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis (4MB)
  • Police Intelligence Guide (6MB)
  • Studies in Battle Command (5MB)
  • FM 3-19.30 – Physical Security (3MB)
  • Countering Irregular Threats (3MB)
  • Radio Operator’s Handbook (2MB)
  • Reconnaissance Reports Guide (1MB)
  • Challenges of Urban Operations (12MB)
  • And more…



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