Appalachian Oath Keepers Summit



Welcome Appalachian Summit Oath Keepers!

First of all, thank you for your service and continued support of our Constitution.  As a fellow veteran, I’d like to personally thank each of you for staying in the fight.  We all hear the call: don’t give up the ship.

I teach and write about intelligence for a living.  I spend a couple weekends each month providing training for like-minded individuals, and I’m glad to be spending a weekend with you in Appalachia.  We’re going to be discussing how to complete Area Studies for your communities.  These intelligence products are something that we can prepare now to better support community security.  We can use these products to brief our team members on the operating environment and the threats we’re likely to face.  We want to achieve information dominance, and it allows us to begin stacking operational advantages, whether we’re supporting storm relief or guarding homes and businesses.

If there’s time, I’ll work with groups to stand up intelligence sections, although that’s a mighty large undertaking for such a short period of time.  For those so motivated, I’d be willing to come back and teach the full three-day SHTF Intelligence course.

Completing an Area Study (similar to the AO Cruisers example) is our target goal.  Short of that, I at least want to equip everyone with the framework of an Area Study intelligence product so that you can go home and complete one with members of your community or team.  I’ll have some handouts available during the weekend, so ensure that you receive them.

This training is offered freely from one Oath Keeper to another.  If you’d like to support my mission of teaching intelligence as a preparedness tool, then please support Forward Observer.  We’re primarily former Intelligence and Special Operations soldiers writing about defense, security, and intelligence to support the Patriot and Preparedness community.

Here’s what do to next:

    1. Download the Area Study Example – AO Cruisers. Use this example as a framework or template for your own Area Study.
    2. Begin generating your own Intelligence Requirements.  This is the blueprint for information we need to collect.
    3. Once we’ve identified our knowledge requirements, begin collecting the information and recording it in our Area Study.

If you’d like learn more, subscribe to Forward Observer Magazine and begin listening to the Forward Observer Podcast.  Watch the video below for an introduction to using intelligence to get better prepared.  If this interests you, buy SHTF Intelligence: An Intelligence Analyst’s Guide to Community Security.


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  We’ll have a booth up somewhere.  Drop in and say hello!

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper

Executive Editor

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