SHTF Intelligence Course (2 Day) – Houston, TX


Stay ahead of the threat curve.  Become a Threats Intelligence Analyst through this course based on US military and civilian intelligence training. You’ll learn:

  • how to provide intelligence support to a neighborhood watch program, preparedness group, or security team
  • the difference between gathering information and producing actionable intelligence
  • the structure of reviewing and interpreting intelligence information
  • how to use the Intelligence Cycle to gather, analyze, and produce threat intelligence
  • how to map events to identify trends and produce early warning of local threats



In this course, we cover how to gather different types of intelligence information, including:


  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)



During this course, you will practice the basics of intelligence gathering and learn how to produce threat and area assessments. Then you’ll put these skills to work in individual or team-based practical exercises built around current crime and gangs, cartel and drug activity, cyber attacks, natural disasters, potential martial law, civil disturbances, and even more deadly situations.

You’ll also begin preparing a local Area Assessment of your neighborhood and surrounding area, and identify very specific ways of gathering real-world intelligence on local threats during an emergency or disaster scenario.



Day One (Saturday, 15 July) – The Intelligence Cycle, Intelligence Gathering & Threat Analysis

Day Two (Sunday, 16 July) – Intelligence Preparation of the Community & Area Studies


The instructor(s) of this course are experienced intelligence professionals and former special operations soldiers, and we provide an excellent course for our students. And we make a commitment to your continued education about intelligence by providing follow up training and educational information. Here are some unsolicited course reviews from students.


“This course was worth traveling 2,000 miles and the $1,500 I invested to take it.  I am now better prepared for today and for the future, to be of service to my family, friends and neighbors because I see the world through ‘A New Pair of Glasses.’ Don’t miss the opportunity, your life may depend on it.”- Ray, 2016

“I attended one of Sam’s [intelligence courses] in the Spring of 2014… I was excited to have the course offered in a location about 200 miles from me. The course was two days, and they went by in a blur! I have read Sam’s site regularly, but taking the course from him directly filled in many gaps in my knowledge and understanding.
I was so impressed with the class that we arranged for Sam to come to my area and do the class there. This class was three days, two of intelligence training and one of exercises… If anything, I gained more from this class than the first time I took it. Topics include various sources of Intel; HUMINT, SIGINT/ELINT, OSINT, and how to gather them and determine their reliability and importance. OPSEC, dead drops and one time pads were discussed in depth, including how to develop one time pads. Great stuff!
Sam developed exercises that were relevant to our group and had us work some problems. This was a very good thing, as we had to “work” what we had learned. The final day we culminated everything with an Intelligence Preparation of the Community course of instruction and exercise.
As I mentioned, getting the opportunity to take an actual class from him was invaluable. As we all should know, Intelligence drives the fight, so it behooves us to get training in the subject. I cannot recommend Sam’s classes too highly! Check his training schedule and find a class near you, or set one up with Sam, as we did.” – Al, 2014

When I started reading Sam Culper’s application of IPB to the old homestead – I thought: What a brilliantly simple application of a proven process to solving the protection of my AO and Area of Interest.
With Sam’s background as an Army intel analyst in [Operation Iraqi Freedom counterinsurgency], he was able to tailor the process to be useful for preppers. Besides IPB he has also put together an OPSEC class that takes the student through a disciplined process at looking at your vulnerabilities.
Convinced – drove 6 hours to attend his class in a Redoubt state. I wasn’t disappointed. The interaction with other preppers and the opportunity to exchange ideas was very useful. Sam Culper successfully guides you through the process. Some pre-class homework is required to get the most out of it.” – “Pathfinder”, a retired Army Colonel, 2015

Sam’s teaching method was very professional and it became obvious very quickly that he has an expertise borne of experience in the field. He is very well read in the history of intelligence work… and uses that knowledge to good effect. Sam is also a very patient teacher and is not condescending (for those who might worry about that) and is able to intelligently shift the discussion to meet class concerns about local operations.
Having served in the military, I had a very vague idea of “intelligence” and how it was used and gathered. The information presented in the class is formatted in such a way as to make it useful to small groups. The class was very interesting, and while I understood on a basic level that information isn’t intelligence, the many excellent practical exercises really clarified the point. Sam provided excellent feedback during the exercises, starting discussions about what we were coming up with in the process. It also became very obvious the importance of developing networks and developing them now.
The course included materials that were well organized with lots of room for notes and information for the class to explore afterwards on our own. Sam was able to work and adapt to our less-than-optimal setup, for which I’m very grateful. Afterwards he performed an AAR so he could make it better for the next class.
This is a top notch class and I would recommend it even for the solitary prepper to get an informed grip on the real threats in the area.” – Tom, 2015


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