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Forward Observer provides expert insight into SHTF intelligence, security, defense and warfare from intelligence professionals and special operations soldiers.

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Your SHTF Intelligence Center subscription includes:

Weekly Executive Intelligence Summary:

  • 50 issues a year – maintain situational awareness on global events
  • Keep up to date on emerging and persistent threats
  • Threat analysis tailored to potential causes of domestic SHTF scenarios
  • Includes reporting on threats to national infrastructure

Access to the FO Library:

  • Manuals, intelligence reports, white papers and other documents
  • Topics include intelligence, special operations, security, defense
  • New PDFs are added each month

Access to our Online Training Library:

  • Over a dozen hours of intelligence and security training online
  • Webinars available 24/7 – learn at your own pace
  • Learn the skills of professional intelligence collectors and analysts
  • Access to monthly live webinars (along with Q&A) about SHTF and community security

Access to the FO Forum:

  • FO Staff posts relevant intelligence information and commentary
  • Gather with local preppers using the state and regional rooms
  • Use the Ask an Analyst room to get your questions answered

Access to the SHTF Intelligence Center:

  • Our dashboard provides local intelligence information
  • Based on a subscriber’s county/zip code
  • 24/7 collection and analysis
  • (In Development)
Subscription (Monthly)
$9.99 / month
Save now with an Annual Subscription
$99.00 / year
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